Office of the Circuit Clerk


Duties of the Lamar County Circuit Clerk’s Office   

The Circuit Clerk maintains all records of Circuit, County and Youth Courts of Lamar County. This includes recording all minutes of Court, all Criminal and Civil filings, and collecting all financial assessments ordered by the Court. This office also maintains the Criminal and Civil Dockets, the Subpoena Docket, the Judgment Execution Docket, the Trial Docket and the Secret Record of Indictments.  Other responsibilities include financial reports, courtroom duties, issuing and maintaining marriage licenses, voter registration, and the issuance of juror summons.  The Lamar County Circuit Clerk works closely with the Election Commissioners, the Republican and Democratic Parties for Election Primaries, the Lamar County Board of Supervisors, the Secretary of State’s Office, the Fifteenth Judicial District Judges and Staff, the Lamar County Court Judge and Staff, the Mississippi Department of Corrections, and other agencies.

Mike’s Qualifications and Experience

  • Thirteen years experience working with the Circuit Clerk’s Office, Circuit Court, Judges and staff.
  • Works daily with the Circuit Clerk’s Office and Court System on Bonds, Indictments, Arraignments, Court Dockets and other record keeping.
  • Experience supervising and managing forty employees daily.
  • Currently works with the Board of Supervisors and County Administrator to create and maintain an operating budget for the County Jail.

Mike’s Performance Goals

  • Continue the efficiency of the office and the services provided by the Lamar County Circuit Clerk’s Office.
  • Incorporate new technologies to further enhance the services provided by the Circuit Clerk’s Office.
  • Continue the excellent working relationship with the Judges, Court Staff, and agencies within Lamar County.